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Protecting mobile assets (typically fleet vehicles) provides a unique set of security challenges. ASG provided a flexible and proven tracking solution, which not only assists with the location and recovery of stolen vehicles, but also delivers real cost savings to businesses by allowing managers and owners to monitor vehicle movement and ensure the efficient use of mobile resources.

Knowing where a vehicle is now or where it has been ensures you are in control of the facts. This means that you will reduce your vehicle costs and improve the service you give to your customers.

Programmed to notify on movement, the device will detect movement then search for the sky for satellites that can be used to obtain a GPS fix (accurate to within five meters anywhere in the world). When it has achieved the fix the details will be transmitted to a secure server housed within our monitoring facility. The device can also be programmed to alert if the vehicle (or other valuable asset) moves out of a set geographical area, again if it detects that the device has moved out of the area specified a message is immediately sent to the monitoring station.

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