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Body Searching and Scanning – Vigilance

Ben Pahlavani, ASG’s Training Director has set a programme in place to reiterate and impress upon every security officer the high level of sensitivity involved when carrying out personal searches and the use of body scanners. Based on the fact that male or female officers could be carrying out the procedure on opposite sexes, Ben takes the correct procedure of this operation very seriously

All Officers must keep in mind that even the slightest body contact of a scanner on a subject may be taken as an offensive act and reported as such. Ben stresses that it is imperative that an incident like this does not occur on his officers’ watch. It is far too easy to be tempted to speed up the procedure when scanning and searching a large number of visitors eagerly waiting to access a site. Every officer, without exception must be vigilant when applying this procedure, there can be no exception to the rules. Having an incident causing offence to a customer or a visitor is below the high standards ASG staff is known for.